The examination of the ear is accomplished by inserting the earpiece previously covered by a disposable specula into the auditory canal to illuminate the canal and the eardrum.  The visualization can be accomplished with or without the magnifying glass.  Notice that this unit is provided with a proprietary specula which is patented but can be used with most of the different specula already in the market.


Otoscope – Tongue depressor

The examination of the oral cavity is accomplished by inserting a tongue depressor, if needed, into the tongue depressor slot. The one hand operation allows the examiner to use the other hand to obtain samples for cultures or other tests.


Otoscope – Blue Light Filter

The examination of the sclera and external eye components is accomplished by the indirect shining of light onto the external eyeball, This light should not be directly aimed into the eyes of any patient except when used with the ophthalmoscope head. The blue filter can be used along with the fluorescein strips when looking for corneal scratches.

When used for this purpose the device should not be used for more than a few seconds at a time. This device has 2 slots located on the back of the cover for the purpose of carrying 2 fluorescein strips. (fluorescein strips not included)



Otoscope – Magnifying Glass

For skin examination, the magnifying glass can be positioned at multiple angles while using the illumination from the two 5mm LED’s.

For trans illumination, this device can be used as a trans illuminator especially in newborns and small children for the purpose of visualizing or locating blood vessels for IV catheter insertion.


HMD Disposable Specula

This unit is provided with a patented, proprietary specula. It may also be used with many of the specula currently existing in the market. The easy to use container has 2 sides for optional use to store both pediatric and adult specula’s.

HMD Ophthalmoscope Accessory

The Ophthalmoscope lens wheel can be adjusted to the following diopters: 0 to +20 and 0 to -20. Plus values are displayed in black or green numbers. Minus values are displayed in red numbers.


HMD Caliper

cliper-ondevice (1)This caliper is made of stainless steel and has 2 different dials. One dial is for heart rate measurement in the EKG tracing paper and one for measuring lesions of the skin in millimeters. When the caliper is in the closed position, the tips are separated by a distance of 5 mm. These 5 mm correspond with a heart rate of 300 beats per minute on the EKG paper. The caliper can be used for testing 2 points discrimination in neurological assessments.


HMD Stethoscope

The Patented Telescoping Stethoscope is included in the OMNI PRO.

This Stethoscope is designed with a new circular shaped chest piece in which the membrane is located slightly deeper than the rim.



HMD Stethoscope – Reflex Hammer

The distal tubing (the closest to the chest piece) has been designed with a telescopic system that allows for this part to become rigid so the chest piece can become a reflex hammer.


The tube connecting to the chest piece allows the chest piece to be positioned from a parallel position to a perpendicular position to the tubing by a swivel action.


HMD Sensory Hearing Screener

For hearing screening, (green colored numbers) this device produces sound at approximately 500 Hz, 1000 Hz, 2000Hz, and 4000 Hz. The sounds are emitted at approximately 40 decibels.


Sensory Hearing Screener – Medical Tuning Forks

This device produces vibrations regulated electronically at approximately 128 CPS, at 256 CPS, and at 512 CPS.  The first two frequencies are used mostly for screening for peripheral neuropathies and the last 512 CPS frequency is commonly used in the testing of hearing abnormalities like the Weber and Rigne’s tests.


Sensory Hearing Screener – Babinski test

This device has a stainless steel tip which can be used to elicit the Babinsky’s sign.


Rechargeable battery

Sensory hearing rechargeable battery

This unit does not require being completely discharged before being recharged. It should be recharged when the charge status light turns red.

Sensory-Hearing-Screener---Rechargeable-battery3 Sensory-Hearing-Screener---Rechargeable-battery1
Otoscope rechargeable battery

Micro USB and cable included.


HMD Otocsope Clip


HMD otoscope clip was specially designed to allow most of our devices to be carried attached to any stethoscope.

In order to change the orientation of the clip, follow the steps as seen in picture. You do not need to remove either the device or the clip from the stethoscope in order to use the stethoscope. Simply swing the entire clip away from the carrying position as shown following picture.


HMD Screener Clip

Screener Clip attaches to the Stethoscope.  You do not need to remove either the device or the clip from the stethoscope in order to use the stethoscope.


OMNI PRO Packaging

OMNI-PRO-Packaging1OMNI-PRO-Packaging2 package

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