Omni Pro – Multifuction medical devices


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  • Marianne Holler

    The Omni-Pro has made my practice as a Palliative Medicine physician so much easier. Doing home visits I am much less weighted down with equipment I used to have to bring to each visit. This multi-purpose piece of equipment has become essential to my hospital rounds also. I no longer have to hunt down an otoscope or other items on nursing units. Invariably when I find them they are not charged or not in working order. Now everything I need hangs conveniently around my neck. Always ready and available as the need arises. I have been using the Omni-Pro now for a few months and am now able to function much more efficiently while seeing my patients in various settings. I would highly recommend the Omni-Pro for however or wherever you practice.
  • Jasen Sood, DO

    Family Medicine Resident | Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine
    Buying the standard "physical diagnosis" kit from my institution seemed like an exciting, yet exorbitant, medical school rite of passage. We all the know the feeling--the curiosity of cracking the kit open, quickly replaced with the depressing realization that the kit was nearly made obsolete by its sheer weight, size, and the gentle way with which it allows hundreds of dollars of equipment to gently slide out of your white coat and onto the linoleum. Apparently the standard tools' true value is known only to the thieves who regularly swipe them off the walls of outpatient exam rooms and ERs alike (speaking from personal experience). When I brought the Omni Pro to a TEDMED conference, it was predictably a conversation starter with people ranging from suspicious TSA agents to Abraham Verghese himself who requested further info for his Stanford 25 initiative. It would make a great gift for any new medical student or soon-to-be intern looking for a convenient way to impress (or distract) their attendings during rounds. As the Omni Pro assists our examination of patients, might the mindset behind its invention help us examine other assumptions of our profession.
  • Dr Juan J Frias, MD

    Homestead Hospital ED Dept
    As an emergency room physician I can attest that Omnipro is a very handy tool to have in the ER. It allows me the flexibility of not having to go from one patient room to another in search of a stethoscope, otoscope, tongue depressor etc... Omnipro, is the solution to this problem allowing me to have all my tools in one apparatus.
  • Dr. Joseph Libby

    It was with great excitement that I received my OmniPro, and I was not disappointed! Over the last several months I have been using it every day. It has replaced my standard stethoscope, otoscope, and reflex hammer. The truth is, I have not carried around tuning forks or a reflex hammer since I was an intern. Now that I have all of these tools at my immediate disposal I used them every day. The fact is, you can not use what you do not have. And the most expensive piece of equipment is the piece of equipment you do not use. The OmniPro makes it easy to have all the tools you need literally at your fingertips. In addition to being very lightweight, compact, and excellent in quality, it was also less expensive than all the other equipment I previously either carried heavily, or didn't carry at all. Thank you Dr. Hasbun for crafting this indispensable suite of instruments!